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Routing Specialist / Delivery Dispatcher

Bristol, NH
Ensures the timely, safe and efficient delivery of petroleum products utilizing a computerized dispatching system.  This position effectively communicates with customers, schedules trucks and drivers, and monitors delivery progress to assure a high level of customer satisfaction and an efficient, profitable operation.  This position also requires the planning, scheduling and coordination of timely, safe and efficient daily delivery of petroleum products through route building.  Building and mapping daily delivery routes to assure a high level of customer satisfaction, and efficient and profitable operation. 
  1. Courteously answers the phone, recording customer orders and information, or resolving customer problems.  Proactively communicates back to customer:
    1. If a delivery cannot be made or completed
    2. To resolve after hours delivery requests
  2. Acts as the primary communication line with all drivers and customer service representatives.  Monitors driver progress in completing routes and ensures that drivers stay on track/route
  3. Assigns same-day deliveries to the appropriate driver
  4. Reviews and seeks to improve key metrics (throughput, delivery defects, safety)
  5. Forecasts daily and weekly demand based on weather, degree day accumulation, and direction on degree day pull.
  6. Builds efficient routes by mapping and sequencing deliveries. Reviews customer account information to ensure it is correct.
  7. Analyzes burning pattern changes for accounts and adjusts delivery forecasting based on seasonality
  8. Reviews Delivery Dispatch and Routing Specialists logs (auto to will-call, adding appliance, terminating, etc) and updates accounts for forecasting accuracy.
  9. Reviews k-factor exception reporting, run-out warning report, and next day deliveries and takes appropriate action.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Planning and scheduling skills
  • Ability to work in a team environment
  • Analytical skills
  • Technology/computer skills
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Ability to remain focused on detailed work
A High School Diploma or equivalent is required
Two years of experience in a dispatch environment with computerized dispatch technology is preferred.
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