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Plant Operator (QA/QC, Safety, Maintenance)

Auburn, ME
Safely and productively assist with propane storage facility operations to ensure efficient operation of the facility.
Key Job Functions:
  1. Assist with the overall maintenance of the bulk plant to ensure that all procedures are safe and efficient.
  2. Oversees the offloading of propane from rail cars.
  3. Assists with the loading or unloading of propane cylinders entering or leaving the facility.
  4. Inspects the physical condition of used propane tanks. Prepares new tanks for installation.
  5. Maintains inventory of both propane gas and various propane related parts and equipment.
  6. Coordinates inventory requirements with purchasing personnel.
  7. Participates in general housekeeping of the buildings, grounds and tanks.
  8. Gains knowledge of codes and regulations relating to the proper storage and handling of propane gas.
  9. Assists with the decaling of propane tanks.
Other Tasks:
Performs other work-related duties as assigned.
A high school diploma or equivalent is preferred.
Plant workers deal with truck drivers, other employees and equipment and parts supply vendors. 
Certification and Testing:
  • Applicable propane CETP certification is required for propane plant workers.
  • Plant workers must be able to pass a pre-employment physical.
Equipment Used:
All types of hand tools,  power tools, cranes and lifting devices, and appropriate gauges and meters.   Truck with hydraulic boom.
Decisions Made:
The Plant Operator makes decisions regarding the appropriate steps to take in daily propane plant operations.   Complex problems or unusual issues are referred to the manager in charge.
Safety Considerations:
Safety considerations relate to safe operation of the propane bulk plant, wearing appropriate personal protective safety equipment, proper lifting of heavy parts or equipment,  and  general observation of the surroundings where work is being done.   When this individual is called upon to transport tanks,  safety considerations relate to the operation of the truck.
Other Attributes Required:
This position requires dependability,  ability to work independently, and good judgement.
Work Environment:
Temperatures can vary from below zero to above 90 degrees, depending on the time of year.   Since the job involves working with propane gas,  there is some exposure from the product and the odorant added to the gas.
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