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Project Manager (Construction and Engineering) - no PE required

Freeport, ME
One of IntWork's national engineering and construction clients based in Southern Maine is seeking a Project Manager who can help lead a key division of their work in process improvement and client negotiations in a fast-paced environment.

Prior Project Management experience is required. Familiarity with building construction (able to read CAD, recognize terms, etc) is also required, but no need to have a PE or Engineering degree. Instead, qualified candidates for this position will demonstrate a high degree of mature professionalism, critical thinking, and an ability to help lead efforts for the PM team to meet deadlines in a very fast-paced (and growing) environment.

In this key developing role, you will report directly to the Director of Project Management and be part of a team of 4 other PMs that share project management responsibilities for this division of the Company.  You will also have specific areas in which you will help lead the division's work, helping the divisions VP to lead contract negotiations and company performance improvement efforts.

Critical Capabilities include:
  • The ability to recognize & predict risks as well as to assess, recommend and implement effective solutions
  • Client management – ability to read situations and respond constructively
  • Organization skills, will need to balance many priorities that can shift abruptly
  • Strong communication skills -- across all modalities and mediums.
  • Extensive computer experience: MS Word, Excel, and collaborative tools (we use InFocus, but we can teach you that if it's new to you).

Primary Responsibilities:

Project Set up
  • Review project proposals & executed agreements,
  • Confirm initial deposits & milestone due dates
  • Project planning and tracking
  • Review project set up.
  • Generate initial budget & resource schedule.
  • Monitor project status utilizing progress to date and estimate to completion.
  • Generate & monitor change orders & work orders
Resource allocation
  • Assemble project team & assign responsibilities,
  • Track workloads to level resources or exploit slack as needed,
  • Negotiate & manage subcontractor agreements,
  • Secure other external resources such as informational research or historic property reports
Client communication and coordination
  • Be part of team addressing client inquiries & requests
  • Be part of team ensuring on-time client deliverables
  • Work to improve our standard of service through clear, responsive communication 
Risk management and mitigation
  • Initiate corrective action promptly and effectively
  • Coordinate thorough review of reports prior to delivery
  • Conduct bill review for monthly accounts receivable
  • Project close-out process

Secondary Responsibilities:

Mentor project team to insure intended outcomes
  • Provide guidance on prioritizing work as needed
Process improvement, including lessons learned [in conjunction with Director of Operations]
  • Approach each project as an opportunity to establish a new personal best in professionalism, service and quality. 
  • Review project (plan) status summary with team [typically part of weekly meeting]
  • Participate in systematic document retention audits semi-annually

Individually Assigned Responsibilities

Criterium National Support for Affiliates
  • Manage / oversee process improvement initiatives
  • Responsible for efficacy of system – monitor results, advise administrator
  • Conduct annual review of program [working directly with Chief Engineer]
Construction Engineering Services
  • Manage multiple projects for large national clients.
  • Review Master Service Agreements, Professional Service Agreements and project specific contracts for scope and fee schedule accuracy, monitor renewal schedule.
  • Provide technical support to Engineering Field Technicians regarding reporting software use
  • Assess financial conditions and resource allocation, including revenue projections and project profitability in collaboration with the  VP of this Division.
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